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Designed for a growing community the 808 coin was developed in mind for those who wish to contribute individual support, distinguishable among other alternate crypto currencies while honoring the TR-Roland 808 drum machine & the music industry across all genre’s. Establishing a equal, & long term goal for a growing alt coin that will assist in creating profits for those who wish to embark with us in future production. ¬†Join & help us grow, appreciate the 808!

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Check out our newly built website, featured links to social media profiles, exchanges, forums, & much more. ¬†Learn more about the 808 or download one of our wallet’s to begin trading & staking you’re very own! 808 coin stakes high with 808.8 stake yearly! That’s 17.88% every 8.08 days, with a low proof of work which continues to impress, its never a bad time to join in.