Just a bit over a year since the launch of 808 & we’ve seen the market rise past a million dollars while it’s circulating supply is still low & sustainable, an increase in productivity & community growth, current & future updates mainly requested by the community are evaluated then released, and customers are being treated with proper support. This is just the start of a long term high interest digital currency, & we look to become one of the largest most supportive communities in crypto community yet!

Our name behind the coin has a history other then being a considerably large annual percent rate. The Roland TR-808 Rhythm Composer (a.k.a. the “808”) was one of the first programmable drum machines (“TR” standing for Transistor Rhythm).

Introduced by the Roland Corporation in the early 1980s, it aimed to recreate actual drum sounds from hi-hats, kicks, to snares. This allows anyone to create new beats to publish and share around the world which eventually led on to future models such as the Tr-8, the resurrection of the original.

“A long term currency designed for a long term community. Many are beginning to realize the potential profit & success you receive when you stake 808. You’ll soon realize you’re in a race with yourself to keep your coins in larger blocks of a million just so you can receive that stake even sooner, or maybe you’ll continue to compound your coins for a larger reward far more substantial than the standard 808.8% APR. Unlike many coins this delivers a full package full of worthy updates, you’ll acquire you’re stake on time and you will not be required to keep your wallet online 24/7.” – 808 Dev Team

We thank Bitcoin Garden for releasing many article’s on us sharing what potential new investor’s can gain & be apart of.